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Preference 18: He accompanies you on a trip to Victoria's Secret Harry: “Oh my.” Harry’s mouth is gaping, and his eyes are lit up like a little boy at Christmas. “Pervert,” you shove him playfully, and he looks down at you with a mischievous glimmer in his eyes. “Harry, I just need to get one thing, it won’t take terribly long, if you are really that distracted you can wait outside.” Obviously trying to contain his happiness, he stutters, “No! N-n-n-o! Can I stay? Are you going to try things on? Can I stay for that?” Now almost puppy-like, he starts rattling off questions, pulling bras off the rack at random, “Can you try this on? How do the sizes work? Can I watch yo-“ You cut him off with a kiss, put back everything he grabbed, and say “I need one thing. You can stay, but it’s not going to be interesting.” When you’ve selected a plain bra and go back into the dressing rooms, you hear Harry at the door. “Can I seeeee?!?!?” You groan. “No. No you can’t, this is a public place.” In response, he just tosses about 40 different bras over the door and into your room. “Gah! Put them back!” you flail, overwhelmed by the increasingly sexual plethora of lingerie falling from the sky. “Not until I see one on you!” He says cheekily. “Harry, I’d love for that to happen, but I can only afford one and I’m not letting you in and I’m not coming out.” He sighs in defeat and concedes, “Fine, just hand me all them and I’ll go buy the one you want.” You do, and then get dressed. As soon as you walk out of the store, you see Harry carrying three or four giant bags with a grin on his face. He laughs at your expression, then whispers, “I think you’ll have to try all them all on again… I need my own Victoria’s Secret fashion show, with my own personal Angel.”
Liam: “Oh god. Oh god. Can I just wait outside? Not that I wouldn’t love to see you- I mean, do people normally drag their boyfriends in here?” This reaction made you laugh, and even though you genuinely didn’t care if Liam came with you to do your shopping, you couldn’t resist dragging him into the Victoria’s Secret. Three steps in; he sees the first poster ad, a gorgeous model sporting a sexy bra and underwear set. “Oh geez!” He immediately covers his eyes, and then peeks through to look at you. Removing his fingers, he looks dramatically from the poster to you, then raises his eyebrows. “What?” You ask, slightly suspicious. In response, he picks up the bra/underwear set beneath the ad and hands it to you. “Liam!” You say, feigning shock. “I’m sorry! I should just leave!” He says, putting his hands on the sides of his head and squeezing his eyes tight. “No, I actually like this,” you hold up the bra set, “Want to come see?” Violently shaking his head, he winks and mouths “later.” The next half hour is spent perusing the store, with Liam making comments like “Look at what that model is wearing! What would her parents say?!” or “I bet that she has classmates who come in here. Wouldn’t it be awkward to walk around knowing all your friends had seen you half naked?” Giggling, you exit to the dressing room. After deciding, you come back to find Liam coloring clothing onto the posters with a sharpie. “Liam!” You say, swatting him on the arm. He looks down at you and grins before saying “well, I’m sorry! There’s only one person who I want to see in these, and it’s you.”
Louis: “Do you think purple is my color?” Louis is holding up a huge, deep violet bra to his chest and examining himself in the mirror. You slap his hand and groan before looking around to make sure nobody is watching. “No, really,” he continues, switching between the purple bra, and a polka dotted white and pink one. “It matters! What if it clashes with my skin tone?” Considering this, you step back to examine both bras, and then grab a light blue one. “Try this, it brings out your eyes. Now, twirl for me dahhling.” Impersonating a fashion model, Louis spins and poses suggestively, holding the blue bra up. You giggle, and then start grabbing more bras before dragging him back to the dressing rooms. “Try them on!” You say, laughing madly, and he bows before exiting into the stall. To tease you, he tosses his shirt, and then his pants, over the divider and into your lap. Open mouthed, you whisper through the crack between the door and the floor, “Lou! Keep your pants on!” He yanks open the door, and pulls you inside, and you can’t help but crack up at the sight of Louis in his underwear, plus a lacy red and black creation. “Hook me up in the back, love?” He winks, and turns to show you the straps, which are obviously not going to fit around his fit chest. You smile, and instead of trying to fit them together, begin kissing him up his spine. Shivering, he turns around and holds you by your arms and looking you in the eyes. “Oh, it’s that kind of show huh? I think you might have to pay for that… but, you know, if you were in this thing I think it might be another story.” Cupping your face, he leans in for a passionate kiss.
Niall: “Gah!” Niall flinches at the first sight of lingerie, “Oh my goodness, I can’t even be in here. It hurts my manhood.” You raise your eyebrows and respond, “How is shopping for a bra with your girlfriend an insult to your manliness? You’re the one who gets to see said girlfriend in said bra later.” As this realization dawns on him, he becomes much more enthusiastic, though he still refuses to touch anything. “Oh god! Watch out! It might eat you!” Playfully, you throw a thong in Niall’s general direction, at which he lets out a girlish scream and dodges it by backing into a plastic model. As the model falls with a crash on top of him, you snort and let loose a snarky “Hmmm, getting with other girls now are we?” His face turns bright red as he flails to get the plastic off of him. Finally, he straightens himself up, and then looks down at his feet as he mumbles, “if we were going jock-strap shopping, I bet you wouldn’t want to touch everything.” You burst out laughing, and then respond by picking up another lacy thong to throw in his direction. Soon, you two are having a full-fledged lingerie war, and it’s not until a prissy saleswoman asks you to leave that you stop. Sitting outside and giggling, Niall pouts and says “But, darling, what about my victory kiss?” You stick out your tongue and say “You got us kicked out, so no rewards for you.” He stands up and attacks you with a giant bear hug before whispering “the promise about seeing you in some of that stuff still stands though, right?”
Zayn: “You’re totally okay with this?” Slightly concerned, you look over at Zayn, who looks almost at home in the depths of pink and lace at Victoria’s Secret. He shrugs, “I have sisters.” Still staring at him a little strangely, you begin perusing the racks of underwear and bras. “I like these, I’m going to go try them on.” He nods, and continues walking through aisles and shelves. After you’ve decided on a few things you like, you come back and see him chatting with a very attractive saleslady. “Um…” You approach them, and Zayn beams at you. “Hello darling! Now, she was just telling me about this awesome new thing…” he holds up a corset. You snort, and then say “no way in hell I’m going to fit into that.” He winks, “Here, I’ll help you.” You furrow your eyebrows and head back, but before you retreat into the privacy of the dressing room you turn to Zayn and ask, “Were you chatting her up?” In response, he drags you by the waist into the stall and rips off your shirt. “Of course not,” he begins kissing you, all over. “Why would I do that? I have what I want right here. Now let’s see about that corset, won’t we?” His fingers are warm and smooth over your back as he removes your bra with ease, but it takes a few seconds for him to start with the corset. “What’re you waiting for?” You asking, turning slightly. “Oh, nothing. Just admiring.” His shirt it now off, and he’s got you against the wall.


follow him. he is looking for a tumblr girlfriend. 
he wants to be nice to her and make her famous  
he is choosing out of his new followers.

You wanna know what I want? I want one of the boys to date a hard core fan, it doesn’t have to be me. I want that fan to have been one of us on tumblr, who had to go through so much just to see them. I think it would just be lovely. If that happened, I would totally support that relationship, just because I know what that girl went through with me. Sadly, I don’t think it would happen.


I think I’m the only person who feels like this.

i second you on that.


LOVE. the last part is the best. my face hurts from laughing. why is he so goddamn cute?

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